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James Johnson AllinghamClass of 1859The Civil War
Edward Carrington Class of 1862The Civil War
Thomas Colden CooperClass of 1838The Civil War
Charles Henry Covell Class of 1860The Civil War
Henry A. Danker Class of 1864The Civil War
William Scott Denniston Class of 1856The Civil War
Augustus Van Horn Ellis Class of 1844The Civil War
John K. HardenbrookClass of 1824The Civil War
John Hurley Class of 1859The Civil War
John William JenksClass of 1860The Civil War
Philip Kearny Jr.Class of 1833The Civil War
Augustus Fleming KingClass of 1860The Civil War
William Morrow Knox Class of 1849The Civil War
Robert LeRoy Jr.Class of 1841The Civil War
Henry Howard MarvinClass of 1862The Civil War
William Carey MassettClass of 1857The Civil War
Orlando Harriman MorrisClass of 1854The Civil War
James Cortland Parker Jr.Class of 1854The Civil War
Theodore ParkmanClass of 1857The Civil War
Edward Augustus Pierson Class of 1858The Civil War
Richard Cornelius RayClass of 1861The Civil War
Stephen Richard ReynoldsClass of 1859The Civil War
Charles Edward TerryClass of 1853The Civil War
Alfred Henry ThurstonClass of 1851The Civil War
Frederick A. TracyClass of 1860The Civil War
James Uglow Jr. Class of 1851The Civil War
Daniel Wadsworth Wainwright Class of 1854The Civil War
Charles Ellery WashburnClass of 1845The Civil War
Frederick S. WellerClass of 1839The Civil War