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Julian George Guiteras

Julian George Guiteras
Date of Death:
October 12, 1918
Mines, Engineering, and Chemistry (Engineering)
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Captain Julian G. Guiteras, U.S. Army, a native of Denver, Colorado, died of pneumonia in Chaumont, France on October 12, 1918. Having received an M.E. from Columbia University, he joined Cadillac Motor Car Company in Detroit and later the Hall-Scott Motor Car Company in California as a draftsman. His duties involved the designing and testing of aviation 
engines and propellers, standardization of parts and the systematizing of  drafting-room records.
In 1917, Captain Guiteras trained at Fort Leavenworth and was sent to France where he became an instructor in pioneering and was later ordered to bridge reconnaissance work. While serving in France, he contracted influenza which developed into pneumonia.


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