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Thomas Robert Turino

Thomas Robert Turino
Date of Death:
July 19, 1943
Physicians and Surgeons
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Lieutenant Thomas Robert Turino, Medical Corps, U.S. Naval Reserve, was assigned to LST 342 (Landing Ship, Tank) a naval vessel designed to carry vehicles, cargo and troops onto unimproved shores during landings. LST342 was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine.  Lieutenant Turino was considered missing in action from July 19, 1943 until a letter signed by James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy dated July 7, 1944 declared him dead.


He is listed among the Missing in Action, or Buried at Sea, on the Tablets of the Missing at Manila American Cemetery in the Philippines. He was awarded the Navy-Marine Corps Medal for heroic action at Rendova in February 1944, and he was also awarded the Purple Heart.