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MIA, December 1944
Columbia College
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God bless Colonel Brugge. Colonrl Brugge's wife Madeline Tinker - aka "Midge" was my friend and cousin through Midge's mother, Madeline, nee Doyle, Tinker. I had met mother and daughter in the mid 1980s in Tampa, FL during my search for our common Currie ancestors of Nova Scotia, Canada and Scotland I first met Colonel Brugge's sons, David and Stephen, in Feb 200o at their grand mother's funeral in Tampa. Mrs Madeline (Doyle) Tinker-McCormick lived to the amazing age of 104. Madeline married young 3Lt. Clarence L Tinker in Honolulu, HI on 8 Oct 1913 on Waikiki, Hawaii. MGen Tinker, Commander of 7th US Army Air Corps,(Hawaiian Air Force) died on 6 June 1942, 30 miles south of Midway Island when he and the crew of their aircraft crashed in the Pacific after searching for the retreating Japanese fleet. God bless America. FX McGillivary, Major (retired) RCAF (1955-1991) dob 26 Oct 1936 Glace Bay, Novs Scotia, Canada
- Francis McGillivary