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November 16, 1972
Is any of our information incorrect?
I remember the evening when he was the company commander and we were out on a double date. With nowhere to go for some privacy. Off to the Ward Room in Hartley Hall, where Jim cleared everyone out so our we and our dates could watch TV, among other things without interruption. The last contact we had was circa 1970 when he was stationed on the west coast and I was based at FMFLant in Norfolk. Too much time, such a waste, a great friend. Semper Fi
- Frank Pokorny
All these years I imagined Jim married, enjoying children and grandchildren. Every few years I checked the web but I did not remember his middle initial so I could not find him. So saddened to find out he never returned from Viet Nam. I feel especially sad for his parents and sister. I feel so disappointed for Jim. He deserved a real life not a small part of a life cut short by a fruitless war. He was a sweet fellow.
- Geraldine McCarthy Whittington